Giant Chess at 2009 Wisconsin Campgrounds Convention

Campground, RV Park, and Resort owners from Wisconsin and surrounding states found Giant Chess in the special Activities area alongside other outdoor kids games and activites. The busy W.A.C.O Convention’s boasted a record vendor attendance of over 160 booths. Campground owner attendance was high, and there was a lot of interest in Giant Chess. Giant Chess is a family game, spanning all ages. With about 1 in 6 people in the United States at least familiar with how to play chess, giant chess is a recognizable landmark that attracts young and old to match wits. The durable, oversize chess game …

Giant Chess at Ebay Headquarters

“Hi Raphael. Here are some photos of the installation at ebay headquarters.  Your chess set was used in one chess themed conference room.  The project utilized items bought from ebay to furnish these rooms.  All were very excited at how well it turned out!” Thanks, [name withheld]

Food Court Giant Chess in Guam

John from Tamuning, Guam sent these pictures of their new ChessHouse giant chess set they added for food court visitors. It has been a great addition for people coming through the area.

Backyard giant chess set with concrete pavers

“Our recent purchase of your giant chess set is being enjoyed on an almost daily basis. In the past we had one that we had made ourselves using various plastic pipes and fittings, but once we made the decision to have our board moved to another part of our yard and upgraded a bit, I decided it was also time to have “real” pieces.