CMS North America showing giant chess at tradeshow

Giant chess is shown here at a Baltimore, MD tradeshow. At first glance it looks like a small set, but in reality the set has a 25″ tall king! A real attention getter, the giant chess displayed at the CMS North America booth was a real hit. They are looking at featuring it at more tradeshows. CMS is manufacturer of high precision, high performance CNC machining centers for Aerospace, Automotive, House and buildings, Marine Industry, Moulds and models, Industrial components, Thermoformed parts, Energy generation, Stone urban furnishing, Graves, Gunstocks, Caravan, Cold stores, Electromedical, Railways, Eyeglasses, Monuments.  Their Product Lines include …

Giant Chess at Ebay Headquarters

“Hi Raphael. Here are some photos of the installation at ebay headquarters.  Your chess set was used in one chess themed conference room.  The project utilized items bought from ebay to furnish these rooms.  All were very excited at how well it turned out!” Thanks, [name withheld]