Roger Reynolds Nursery showcases giant chess for backyards

Roger Reynolds Nursery was founded in 1919, on 15 acres of beautiful virgin land in Menlo Park, California. The nursery still has part of the beautiful redwood grove, where one can feel the spirit of the place 85 years ago. Today, Reynold’s grand-daughter Sally Halstead showcases the nursery’s beautiful garden, redwood grove, and two stores on the current 2.5 acres. The friendly staff provide the best service and selection in the Menlo Park area. This photo of giant chess, on display at Reynolds Nursery, depicts a popular attraction that home owners and landscapers are building into backyards. There are countless …

Backyard Hideaway Landscape with Giant Chess Set

Greta and her family just put the finishing touches on a magnificent backyard hideaway to play giant chess. Her son, daughter, and husband are looking forward to BBQ’s and sharing the chess set with everyone they now. I asked Greta how she created it. “The 12×12 concrete pavers were picked up at the local Home Depot for quite cheap, and only took a few hours to lay and level.

Backyard giant chess set with concrete pavers

“Our recent purchase of your giant chess set is being enjoyed on an almost daily basis. In the past we had one that we had made ourselves using various plastic pipes and fittings, but once we made the decision to have our board moved to another part of our yard and upgraded a bit, I decided it was also time to have “real” pieces.